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Since the 4 Winds Casino has been successfully contributing its share of tax  funds per agreement with the local governing bodies, Union Pier finally has a budget to station
full-time lifeguards at every beach.

A photo from a recent Union Pier lifeguard training session.

Welcome To The Neighborhood! Nice house!

When can we come over and jam? We've got a few extra guitars.
Sorry, we don't know that Journey song you Twitted about.

By the way, if you ever see this guy, don't be alarmed ... it's just Mr. Meathanger.


The Beatles in Union Pier - on their first visit in 1968.

All Hail!


Some of it is news, some of it is not.

What Were You Listening To In 1985??

Released on cassette only ... not available on CD!
Summer, 2014 - As the 29 year anniversary countdown has begun for the legendary Vyto B release, Automatic Vaudeville, we unearthed a copy of one of the rare prized original issues that was lost in the Union Pier party cottage for quite some time. This was the music that rocked the beach in the summer of 1985!

It is rumored that Vyto B will tour in support of the anniversary of this release.

Say "hello" to Meathanger if you see him!